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Ships for communication

The solartourist UG ('limited'/haftungsbeschränkt) sells and hires boats and swimming platforms and gear with sustainable energy, especially solar energy. The company was founded in 2012 and offers different models or motors and solar panels for existing ships. Also, hydrofoils are available.

Solar house boats

Solar ferries

Solar boats for private and professionell needs

Solar Tuning for your existing boat

Feasibility studies and concepts, for international solar ferry lines e.g.

Full Service for your Solar boat rental - Engineering, Licence, Marketing

Save energy with Hydrofoils!

Order our boats with CE mark of conformity


Special service for Berlin-City

A sophisticated set of rules and laws makes it difficult for many Skippers and boats to travel through the City of Berlin and to see all the main sights from the water. The boat must have enough hp, that's ok, but you need a radio license for Germany. So, if you want to travel the Spree through Berlin without having a license or a radio device, you can hire your personal ship radio operator or your Skipper for the City of Berlin. Fyi: radio operator € 100,-, Skipper/boat for the City € 350,-

Solartourist UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Please send your request: or call us:+49 30 4463541 or +49 173 615 0 555 (also Answ. M.).


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